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Mystical Experience

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1 Mystical Experience on 2/8/2010, 4:05 pm

Mèo Âu


Looking for you, lost in my emptiness
When the night makes me weary, cold and lonely
Looking for ecstasy to make me live again
A supernatural feeling when you hold me
Every time you're here beside me
There is thunder, there is lightning
I feel the earth move and it's a different story
All the power, the heaven and the glory
It's almost like a mystical experience
To feel I'm born again when you come near me
To reach the stars above me the minute that you love me
Oh, it's like a mystical experience
Almost like a mystical experience
To rise with every step as you come near me
And when I'm closer to you, your kisses halleluyah
Take me to a mystical experience

Won't you please hurry back now that I need you so
To drive away all my sorrow and to guide me
Bring the sound of your happiness into my loneliness
To exorcise all the demons that live inside of me
Life without you's like a stranger
Full of shadows, full of danger
And when you're with me the world is full of passion
And when you touch me a magical reaction

[CHORUS X 2 to fade]

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